The undiscovered road beckons...

There’s something about riding new roads that just gets my juices flowing.

I’m not talking about brand new additions to the family here, nor those old friends freshly resurfaced (although I’d be the first to admit the joy of a hard tire on velvet tarmac is almost otherworldly) – no, I mean the road that’s new to you, the one you crack open from its wrapping and turn over under your wheel to get the measure of it.

Is there anything quite as mouth-wateringly delicious as riding the road never ridden?

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Please don't hurt me...Riding a bike over any significant distance and thinking about massage are almost indivisible. One places quite unreasonable demands on the leg musculature, while the other restores harmony.

There’s a symmetry to this equation: in the cyclist’s mind, one is the quintessential solution to the other.

This is never more so than when spending whole weeks on the road, carving out the daily miles from A to B, with baggage strapped to the bike, and legs accumulating layer upon layer of inertia-defying effort. Each revolution of the pedals adds another small fraction to the sum total of massage that will be required to restore the balance.

It’s easy to obsess when discomfort is your daily companion. On my mental checklist of things to obsess about, massage always scores highly.

This is how I found myself stepping from the blazing heat of an Istanbul afternoon and descending into the cool darkness of the Çemberlitas Hamami, for what I’d been led to believe would be a massage to remember.

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And so it begins

20 February 2010

Welcome to the new website. Saddle up, it’s time to ride.

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